Fall 2004 | Trade and Industry Development

Fall 2004


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

This issue addresses the needs of expanding companies in the bioscience and logistics industries. Our experts offer a wide variety of options based on their experience in these markets. In addition, our “Special Report” focuses on foreign-trade zones and the many benefits offered to pharmaceutical and 3PL providers. Our “Industry Outlooks” present interesting overviews of the bioscience and 3PL markets as they continue to grow. With this issue we are also launching the FTZ portal on our website. This comprehensive database is complete with contact information, subzones, ports of entry and additional information your company needs when looking to move into a foreign-trade zone.

In this issue

Why the World's Best Companies Are Moving to Texas

BY: Governor Rick Perry

In the 19th Century, it was not uncommon to find the words “Gone to Texas” etched on abandoned shops and homesteads all across the United States as those seeking greater opportunity packed up their belongings and made their way to the Lone Star State. more....