March/April 2015 | Trade and Industry Development

March/April 2015


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

March/April 2015

This extraordinary 10th anniversary CiCi (Corporate Investment & Community Impact) Awards issue of Trade & Industry Development features the annual edition of the economic development and site selection program conducted exclusively by Trade & Industry Development. This unique, unparalleled awards program recognizes 30 businesses for the economic development announcements they issued in 2014. This 2015 issue also recognizes economic development the economic development agencies representing the locations in which those developments will take place for their work in attracting and securing corporate investments.

The content of this issue is a treasure-trove for site selectors in the corporate world across multiple industries, as well as for professional site selection consultants and  state and local  economic development agency professionals as it provides the opportunity to study 15 companies that pledged the largest economic development investments in 2014 and what that entailed as well as 15 companies whose economic development deals announced in 2014 promise to have the most life-changing impacts on the areas in which they will transpire, economically for individuals, families as well as communities.

The excitement of the CiCi Awards is complimented by very informative articles concentrating on three of the top challenges faced by corporate site selectors: corporate headquarters location; assessing the true value of government incentive programs and the complexity of today’s corporate real estate environments. These are absolutely must-read articles for all in the business.

And icing on the cake: you will be privy to two terrific articles authored by two organizations—Ex-IM Bank and IFMA-- that will enlighten you on issues that have great potential to have a positive impact on your business progress.