May/June 2007 | Trade and Industry Development

May/June 2007


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A concerted effort has been made to aid you in your next site location decision.  Starting with our “Industry Outlook” presented by AIA and OESA, we have tried to show you where the industries have been, and where they’re going.  Another “Outlook,” presented by NMMI, showcases their efforts and how they can help you manage your supply chains. 
Explore the relatively new trend of certified “ready sites” and what benefits you can reap.  There are in-depth features focusing on the automotive and aerospace industries and advice from specialized consultants that can go a long way in determining the success of your next site location decision.
For specific site locations don’t miss our “Spotlights” on Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio and Louisiana.  Each of these states has made significant progress over the past few years. Especially Louisiana, which has rebounded from Katrina with a bevy of programs designed for companies interested in their area.

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Louisiana - A State of Opportunity

BY: Trade & Industry Development

Louisiana’s economic forecast is bright, despite the effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.   With more than 200,000 homes destroyed in the Greater New Orleans area alone, Louisiana expects a 10-year construction boom in the affected areas, impacting the entire state.   Businesses in affected areas are also growing. One reason: the Gulf Opportunity Zone (GO Zone) business incentive package. Features of the GO Zone include 50 percent bonus depreciation and $7.9 billion in tax-exempt bonds.   more....