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Marion C. Blakey

Marion C. Blakey is president and chief executive officer of the Aerospace Industries Association. AIA represents the nation’s leading manufacturers and suppliers across all sectors of the aerospace and defense industry. Ms. Blakey became president in November 2007, after serving a five-year term as administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. Prior to that, Ms. Blakey was chair of the National Transportation Safety Board. She recently was appointed to chair the Aeronautics Committee of the NASA Advisory Council.

Article | May 19, 2014
Aerospace and Defense Innovation is Key to Securing our Future   

By: Marion C. Blakey

What the Aerospace Industries Association is doing now to elevate understanding of the importance of the aerospace/defense industry.

Article | May 21, 2013
Aerospace and Defense Industry Remains Strong Despite Sequestration Budget Cuts   

By: Marion C. Blakey

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) details what makes the U.S. aerospace and defense industry strong as well as its current challenges.

Article | April 30, 2012
Importance of U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry: Second to None   

By: Marion C. Blakey

A major recent report that AIA commissioned Deloitte to perform concluded that the aerospace and defense industry “punches above its weight.” The...more >>

Article | May 9, 2011
AIA: Strengthening Safeguards Against Counterfeit Parts   

By: Marion C. Blakey

Each year aerospace products safely transport billions of passengers and billions of dollars worth of cargo. They reliably perform national security...more >>

Article | June 29, 2010
AIA - Keeping the Aerospace Industry Strong   

By: Marion C. Blakey

At the Aerospace Industries Association we like to say that we represent the companies (and their suppliers) that build just about everything that...more >>

Article | April 30, 2008
Aerospace Industry Going Strong, AIA Pushing Election Issues   

By: Marion C. Blakey

The U.S. aerospace industry is riding a wave of good financial results, and the timing could not be better as we head into an important election...more >>



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