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July/August 2007

According to AEA’s recent Cyberstate report, the high tech industry in the U.S. grew by 150,000 jobs in 2006. While this growth is positive, several challenges still face the U.S. technology sector. Within this report and our feature articles, several factors are addressed, including the challenge of recruiting qualified workers for this field, and locating operations in areas in which appropriate talent is accessible.
Within the logistics field, similar trends are occurring. According to IWLA, the 3PL community has experienced positive growth over the past year, with an increase in revenues. However, uncertain costs still trouble the industry. To learn how to negotiate these obstacles, be sure to read “The Power of the Pack.”
In an effort to provide you with solutions to your site selection needs, we looked to the aforementioned experts, as well as several key state organizations. North Carolina, California, Maryland and Florida put forth their initiatives designed to entice your next site location decision.

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The information technology sector is back. Having experienced severe declines in the wake of the dotcom collapse, employment in software development, computer systems design, and data processing has witnessed a turnaround in recent years. After posting two consecutive declines in employment from 2001 through 2003, the industry witnessed sustained growth beginning in 2004. While information technology employment remains approximately 10% below 2001 levels, the industry's labor force grew 3.1% in 2005—a rate 75% higher than the overall growth rate of the U.S. labor market. more...