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January/February 2009


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January/February 2009

Moving Forward in the New Year!

Well I never thought I'd see the day that the price of gas would drop so much...and so quickly. It wasn't long ago I paid $4.09 for a gallon of gas; last night I filled my tank for $1.59 per gallon. Amazing! Looks like the New Year is going to be great - I just hope we don't become complacent when it comes to finding alternative fuel sources.

But the future does look bright. In this issue one of our Feature articles is on Alternative Fuels - specifically Biodiesel. Jim Zuber and Preston Boone tell how the future for biodiesel is 'bright green' in "Cultivating the Marketplace for Biodiesel in Your State."

In another Feature article, Jim Renzas discusses the four categories of life sciences and how each of these industries has different objectives and locational challenges in "Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies." And check out "Trends in Food Processing and the Impact on Corporate Site Selection" - Suzanne Davis explains that as companies evaluate growth and expansion plans, the site selection process is complicated by many factors.

Don't miss Kevin Mayer's Special Report on Nanotechnology Initiatives. I love how he begins his article, "Nanotechnology doesn't make the industries you promote. Nanotechnology makes the industry you promote more competitive."

In this issue

MOR Technology Solves Ethanol Puzzle

BY: Juli Anne Patty

The ethanol industry is at a crossroads. Environmental and political concerns have created an unprecedented demand for ethanol, but at the same time, producers are struggling with rising costs and falling profits. Emergent technologies, such as fractionation, have long offered the hope of an answer to these issues, but until now that solution has been unrealized. Today, however, MOR Technology is bringing their next-generation fractionation to market, offering a complete solution for increased product purity, efficiency and profitability. more....