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Q1 2005


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You’ll read in our automotive “Feature” about one of the fastest growing trends in site location being the demand for certified industrial sites. Companies want sites that are ready-to-go and relatively risk free.  With the megasites certification program, TVA has made it possible for sites with the necessary attributes in place and the due diligence completed to receive advanced certification.
Another mega industry is the aerospace sector.  After taking a hit in the months after 9/11, the aerospace market has recently experienced strong growth, due in part to defense related spending.  Our aerospace “Feature” article showcases the dynamics at play in this market pertaining to strategic location management.
The state “Spotlights” (New Jersey, Arkansas, Louisiana and Kansas) give you their perspective regarding the impact these industries have on their respective economies and present strong cases for locating your next facility in their area.
In addition, you’ll enjoy reading our Industry Outlooks, provided by AIA and OESA.  These outlooks provide unique perspectives on the economic status for the particular markets.

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Arkansas: On the Move

BY: Mike Huckabee

Toyota took a hard look at a super site in eastern Arkansas when deciding where to locate its new truck plant. The Tundra went to Texas, but Arkansas went to the front of the line for future prospective auto assembly plants and other auto-related companies. more....