Trade & Industry Development Magazine

September/October 2007

Manufacturing has been an important component of the U.S. economy for decades, but global competition has changed the face of manufacturing throughout the country. Now, more than ever, companies are faced with complex decisions about where to maintain operations, where to downsize and where to expand, along with the most difficult element of evaluating the labor force. Our “Feature” articles give tremendous insight into evaluating your labor force and tax credits and incentives for manufacturers.
There is also an article on ports and an article on FTZs that you’ll find most interesting.  “Industry Outlook” highlights two industry associations: NAM and NMMI. The area “Spotlights” include Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee and Utah. They provide additional information to influence your next site location decision.
We, at Trade & Industry Development, hope the articles included in this issue will give you valuable information to proceed with plans that will help grow your company to the heights in which you envision. As always, if further information is needed, the economic developers and consultants participating in this issue will be glad to assist you.

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In this issue...

Today’s manufacturers are under constant pressure to cut costs and operate more efficiently. With global competition showing no signs of abating, manufacturing companies must explore every option for increasing profits and returns to shareholders.   There are a number of tax credits and incentives that can help manufacturers reduce costs. Often, companies don’t take advantage of these programs. They may not have the internal resources to research, understand and prepare the required documentation.  more...