July/August 2008 | Trade and Industry Development

July/August 2008


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Welcome to our “Clean Industries” Issue!
This is our “Clean Industries” issue and I believe this issue is particularly interesting due to the variety of topics covered. From Technology to Retail to Alternative Energy to Technology Incubators – it’s all here!
In our Technology Feature article, John Rhodes describes technology life cycle stages vs. location selection parameters. Jim Renzas explains how the Retail industry deviates significantly from other types of industry location projects in another Feature article. John Sisson discusses the four phases of siting wind and solar facilities in another Feature article.  And Kevin Mayer, in his Special Report, explains how technology incubators may not grab the biggest headlines, but hold an important role in economic development.
We think you’ll enjoy reading the Industry Outlook articles from AeA and AWEA.  And be sure to read our Spotlights on California, Florida, Louisiana and Pennsylvania to learn what each of those states has to offer.

In this issue

Case Study - Bannock County

BY: Andrea Johnson

Exceptional Business Environment Ensures Industry Flourishes - Eastern Idaho has a long, rich history of advocating alternative energy. Back in 1949, after an exhaustive nationwide search, the Atomic Energy Commission chose eastern Idaho to be the home of today’s Idaho National Laboratory. Here, the nation’s best and brightest engineers and scientists explored the potential of the only recognized alternative energy of the time – nuclear power. Two years later, in December, 1951, their efforts resulted in the first-ever nuclear-power produced electricity.   more....