Development News | November 9, 2012
UT: IT, Software Dev. Co. Workday to Add 500 Jobs in Salt Lake City   

All of the 500 new positions will pay a minimum of 125% of Salt Lake County’s average yearly wage including benefits, totaling more than $719M. More>>

Plastics Industry Geography Could be Shifting
Article | October 31, 2012
Plastics Industry Geography Could be Shifting   

Find out what the future holds for the plastics industry, and why the United States will be at the heart of plastics innovation. More>>

Article | October 31, 2012
Logistics and Distribution Business is Robust with Activity   

The supply chain management evolution is making companies re-evaluate what they look for when making real estate site location decisions. More>>

Development News | October 15, 2012
UT: ENVE Composites to Open in Outdoor Products Cluster, Add 324 Jobs   

Manufacturer of high-end carbon fiber composite products for cycling industry newest facility in Ogden bringing 324 jobs, $20M investment. More>>

Development News | October 12, 2012
UT: Utah County IT Co. OrangeSoda, Inc. to Invest $5M, Open 100 Positions    

OrangeSoda is currently looking at buildings throughout Utah County and has not yet chosen a final city for its expansion. More>>

Development News | September 17, 2012
UT: BioFire Diagnostics Adding 657 Jobs, Part of $50M Expansion   

Utah’s GOED to assist growth of the life science company and sector with post-performance $25M tax incentive. More>>

Article | August 31, 2012
The 66 Latest Trends and Topics in Manufacturing Site Selection   

Location decisions for manufacturing plants are being influenced by a great number of current/emerging trends, including “shoring” decisions and... More>>

Development News | August 13, 2012
UT: Xi3 Expands its Site and Computer Hardware Line, Creating 500 Jobs   

Computer hardware innovator to invest $32,244,000 to future expansion on the Wasatch Front plus add 500 jobs within 5 years. More>>

Development News | June 19, 2012
UT: Utah’s Gov. Office of Econ. Dev. Announces 250 Jobs Expansion for EMC   

GOED expands tax incentive, EMC will add 250 new jobs in addition to previous plan to add 500 new jobs in Utah between 2011 and 2015. More>>

Development News | May 11, 2012
UT: Four Utah Companies Announce Expansion; 1,133 New Jobs Expected   

Companies expected to make more than $160 million capital investment and pay wages in excess of 125% of the county average wage. More>>