Article | July 8, 2018
Prime Places for Business Prosperity   

Every business aspires to find the best location for its prosperity. An exclusive glimpse into American sites that may be the perfect fit. More>>

Development News | January 25, 2018
WY: Weatherby, Inc. to Relocate to Sheridan, Create 90 Jobs   

Firearms manufacturer will be relocating to Sheridan, WY, invest $2M in relocation expenses, also capital investment in the building. More>>

Article | September 5, 2017
Clean Industry Translates into Green for Businesses and Communities   

Get on the bandwagon: clean industry initiatives are a major business driver throughout the country. Prominent locations show you how. More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
U.S. Auto Industry Disruptions Driving Job Growth   

Great insight into the reason industry leaders are saying the automotive industry is embarking on a new age, and its implications. More>>

Development News | January 17, 2017
U.S.: Walmart to Invest $6.8B for Economic Development, 34,000 New Jobs   

Largest private employer of nearly 1.5M in the U.S. plans to invest billions, create American jobs, invest in local communities across U.S. More>>

Agency | September 20, 2016
JOCO First   


Article | January 4, 2016
Wyoming: Investing in Economic Diversification   

Learn why industry leaders are increasingly drawn to Wyoming's burgeoning New West economy built on sound business principles. More>>

Development News | December 15, 2015
WY: Grant for $2,935,924 for Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts Approved   

Grant approved to build 15,500 sq-ft facility for international supplier of tungsten components for military, industrial engineering & medical... More>>

Development News | November 30, 2015
WY: Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts Moving from China, Creating 25 Jobs    

Business Council recommends $2.9M grant for Laramie. More>>

Development News | September 1, 2015
WY: Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, a Parts Manufacturer, Expands to Laramie   

Supplier of tungsten components for military, industrial engineering, medical markets moving China-based production operation to Laramie. More>>