Development News | January 17, 2017
U.S.: Walmart to Invest $6.8B for Economic Development, 34,000 New Jobs   

Largest private employer of nearly 1.5M in the U.S. plans to invest billions, create American jobs, invest in local communities across U.S. More>>

Agency | September 20, 2016
JOCO First   


Article | January 4, 2016
Wyoming: Investing in Economic Diversification   

Learn why industry leaders are increasingly drawn to Wyoming's burgeoning New West economy built on sound business principles. More>>

Development News | December 15, 2015
WY: Grant for $2,935,924 for Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts Approved   

Grant approved to build 15,500 sq-ft facility for international supplier of tungsten components for military, industrial engineering & medical... More>>

Development News | November 30, 2015
WY: Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts Moving from China, Creating 25 Jobs    

Business Council recommends $2.9M grant for Laramie. More>>

Development News | September 1, 2015
WY: Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, a Parts Manufacturer, Expands to Laramie   

Supplier of tungsten components for military, industrial engineering, medical markets moving China-based production operation to Laramie. More>>

Development News | August 27, 2015
WY: Tungsten Parts Manufacturer to Move from China, Expand in Laramie, Hire   

Supplier of tungsten components for military, industrial engineering and medical markets worldwide to employ 25 to start. More>>

Industry News | March 26, 2015
Competition for New Textiles-Focused Mfg Innovation Institute   

The President launched the 9th mfg hub competition & measures to strengthen the small manufacturers that power America’s supply chains. More>>

Development News | March 18, 2015
30 Companies Earn 10th Annual CiCi Award from Trade & Industry Development   

Capital Investment, Community Impact Awards by TID show investment in the 10s of billions of dollars, new jobs top over 28,000. More>>

Article | March 11, 2015
2015 CiCi Awards Community Impact Category   

The 2015 CiCi Awards in the Community Impact Category highlight economic development's positive effect on locations in the U.S. More>>


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