Development News | September 2, 2015
OR: Facebook Announces Construction on Third Data Center in Prineville   

Facebook constructing 3rd data center building in Prineville, investing $200+M, supporting thousands of jobs. More>>

Development News | August 7, 2015
OR: Pazoo, Inc. Signs Lease for New Portland Lab Facility   

Pazoo's Harris Lee management signed a lease and commenced meetings with the architect selected to begin build out of facility ASAP. More>>

Article | July 10, 2015
Clean Industry: A Positive Impact on the Environment and the Bottom Line   

Exclusive article demonstrates that clean industry is embraced by economic developers and business owners alike. More>>

Development News | June 29, 2015
OR: PDC, Jaguar Land Rover to Partner to Advance Inclusive Economy   

Agreement unusual in its scope, setting a high standard for Portland’s industry to align equity, entrepreneurship and workforce goals. More>>

Article | May 15, 2015
America’s Top Sites for Business Prosperity and an Enjoyable Life   

Take a peek at some of the top locations for businesses to consider locating to pursue their goals of success and leadership. More>>

Development News | March 27, 2015
OR: Genentech to Invest $125+M to Expand Hillsboro Facility, Hire 100   

Expansion of biotechnology co.'s operations at the Hillsboro site part of strategy to increase manufacturing capacity to meet demand. More>>

Industry News | March 26, 2015
Competition for New Textiles-Focused Mfg Innovation Institute   

The President launched the 9th mfg hub competition & measures to strengthen the small manufacturers that power America’s supply chains. More>>

Development News | March 17, 2015
OR: Global Technology Leader Wacom to Relocate to Portland, Bring 160 Jobs   

The new location is a 55,000 sq-ft Class A office building in the heart of Portland's Pearl District. More>>

Development News | March 2, 2015
OR: Eid Passport to Expand HQ, Doubling Space to Accommodate Growth   

Leader in high-assurance identity management solutions signed a long-term lease to expand into a building adjacent to current Hillsboro HQ. More>>

Development News | January 26, 2015
OR: Swanson Group Manufacturing to Rebuild in Springfield, Hire 190    

A massive fire destroyed the company's Springfield plywood and veneer mill in July 2014; will rebuild the mill . More>>