Industry News | September 23, 2013
ACEEE Report Ranks U.S. Cities’ Efforts to Save Energy   

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report ranks 34 of the most populous U.S. cities on policies to advance energy efficiency. More>>

Development News | September 16, 2013
OR: Daimler Trucks Investing $150M, Hiring 400 for New Portland HQ, Garage   

In addition to building new HQ, parking garage on its Swan Island campus, launching Daimler Education in Motion program. More>>

Development News | June 3, 2013
OR: Portland General Electric Opens $23M Salem Smart Power Center   

Center designed to help test how to store, better integrate variable renewable energy sources like solar and wind into the electrical grid. More>>

Development News | April 2, 2013
OR: Islabikes Launches in N. America with Southeast Portland HQ   

UK-based world leader in design, manufacture of exceptional bicycles for children said Portland is a "natural" as home for the co. More>>

Development News | March 15, 2013
8th Annual CiCi Award Recipients Announced by Trade & Industry Development Magazine   

The CiCi Awards are unique, commemorating the largest capital investments for development, equally recognizing positive community impact. More>>

Corporate Investment Awards
Article | March 11, 2013
Corporate Investment Awards   

The Corporate Investment Awards pay tribute to 15 corporations that have announced the largest capital investment deals in 2012. More>>

Industry News | March 6, 2013
U.S. Electric Utilities Flock to Lower-Priced Wind Power    

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reports shows states where utilities are embracing wind power. More>>

Development News | March 6, 2013
OR: Oregon Recruits Salesforce.com to New Hillsboro Office, Hiring   

New office will be LEED Gold certified, have no disposables with all cups, dishes reusable and washable. Eco-friendly commuting also encouraged. More>>

Development News | February 21, 2013
OR: Oracle Resists Overseas Lure, Retains 300, Adds 130 Hillsboro Jobs    

Oracle moves production of systems and servers from Mexico to Oracle’s Hillsboro facility instead of overseas. More>>

Industry News | February 18, 2013
Advanced Biofuel Companies Now in more than Half of U.S. States   

Top 5 states for advanced biofuel companies: Calif., Ill., Colo., Texas and Iowa--Clean fuel standards fueling growth. More>>