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Rich Thompson

Rich Thompson is an international director and leads the global Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions consulting team for Jones Lang LaSalle. Rich is a recognized supply chain veteran with over 25 years of combined consulting and industry experience. Prior to joining Jones Lang LaSalle, Rich was a senior vice president and corporate officer with Schreiber Foods, a $6 billion global food company, and a partner in the global supply chain consulting practice at Ernst & Young. He has served as a consultant for over 100 corporations across the world.

Article | January 30, 2019
Labor Force Takes Center Stage in Industrial Real Estate   

By: Rich Thompson

Distribution center design is evolving, and in large part, it’s changing to address the critical need that companies are challenged with today:...more >>

Article | December 18, 2017
“Big 3” Changes Impacting Global Supply Chains in Industrial Real Estate   

By: Rich Thompson

Time to catch up with the changes in manufacturers' mindset toward globalization and their supply chains. This article will help.

Article | December 6, 2016
Exploring the Important Secondary North American Distribution Markets   

By: Rich Thompson

Be ready for a surprise. The largest distribution markets in the U.S. are most familiar, but the lesser-known markets should pique your interest.

Article | November 12, 2015
Mind the Gap!   

By: Rich Thompson

"Mind the gap" is a well-known warning phrase in the U.K. Learn from a seasoned professional how it is applicable to today's U.S. logistics...more >>

Article | November 6, 2014
The Re-Emergence of the ‘Iron Horse’   

By: Rich Thompson

Guess what: Intermodal has been the fastest-growing transportation mode for the past nine years running. Get all the details here.

Article | November 13, 2013
Strategies for Identifying Retail Omni-Channel Distribution Locations   

By: Rich Thompson

As more consumers turn to the Internet for their shopping needs, see what retailers need to do to re-evaluate their entire supply chain network.

Article | November 14, 2011
The “Risky” Nature of Global Site Selection   

By: Rich Thompson

When it comes to global supply chain considerations, the one decision factor which has taken on increasing scrutiny and importance is that of risk...more >>




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