Article | January 9, 2012
Local-level R&D is Driving Growth in Communities from Coast to Coast   

In the United States, research and development is a huge economic driver at the federal, state and local level. According to a recent report from the... More>>

Development News | September 23, 2011
WA: Gov. Gregoire Celebrates Creation of 435 New Jobs   

Gov. Chris Gregoire recently celebrated the creation of 435 new jobs by HCL Technologies and CMC Biologics. “CMC Biologics and HCL Technologies... More>>

Communities Where Quality of Life Matters
Article | July 14, 2011
Communities Where Quality of Life Matters   

Although a standard definition of “quality of life” has never been universally agreed upon, attempts to measure quality of life have been... More>>

Development News | June 16, 2011
WA: Port of Vancouver Signs Lease with Sapa Extrusions   

The Port of Vancouver announced today the signing of a long-term lease with Sapa Extrusions, North America’s largest provider of extruded aluminum... More>>

Development News | June 6, 2011
WA: Pyrotek Brings Jobs to Spokane Valley    

Pyrotek Inc., a global leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of high-temperature materials for industrial applications, has announced... More>>

Development News | May 19, 2011
WA: State Board Invests More Than $800,000 for Port of Vancouver to Recruit SAPA Profiles   

The Washington State Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) today announced an $800,000 public infrastructure investment targeting business... More>>

Whether Short or Long, Supply Chains are Fostering Deep Roots in Communities Throughout teh Country
Article | May 12, 2011
Whether Short or Long, Supply Chains are Fostering Deep Roots in Communities Throughout the Country   

The term "supply chain" can be misleading. While the process of creating and distributing products is a chain-like progression, supply chain roots... More>>

Washington State Leading Country's Aerospace Industry
Article | May 9, 2011
Washington State Leading Country's Aerospace Industry   

If the world's aerospace industry were a jigsaw puzzle, Washington State would have all the pieces. Washington is leading the next-generation of... More>>

Agency | April 4, 2011
Port of Port Angeles   


Agency | April 1, 2011
Normandy Park Economic Development