Development News | March 4, 2009
Morehouse General Hospital to Get Renovations & Equipment   

Advantage Capital Partners, a leading venture capital and small business finance firm,  announced that it has provided $4.6 million in financing to... More>>

Article | February 28, 2009
Community Impact Top 15   

Community Impact   The Community Impact portion of the CiCi Awards highlights projects that have profound implications for local communities, many... More>>

Article | February 28, 2009
The Headquarters Relocation Challenge   

Relocating corporate headquarters constitutes a momentous decision for any business enterprise. While there may be compelling reasons to move, risks... More>>

Development News | February 15, 2009
3001 International Inc. to Expand Operations   

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret commended 3001 International Inc.'s decision to expand its Louisiana... More>>

Development News | January 14, 2009
CTCO Shipyard to Renovate Barge Slip   

CTCO Shipyard of Alabama, LLC has purchased 88 acres situated in the Demopolis Airport Industrial Park.  The process of renovating an existing... More>>

Development News | December 24, 2008
Plymouth Tube Company to Expand Facility; Create 14 New Jobs; Invest $5M   

Plymouth Tube Company, a supplier of specialty steel and tubing to the manufacturing and logistics industries, announced it will expand its... More>>

Article | October 31, 2008
The Broad Manufacturing Industry of Metals   

The metals industry is a broad manufacturing industry comprising activities from pipe manufacturing, rolling of steel, drawing of metals, and... More>>

Article | June 30, 2008
Louisiana's Economic Renaissance Off to Strong Start   

Charged with creating a more vibrant Louisiana economy, Louisiana Economic Development (LED) is focusing much of its resources on making the state... More>>

Article | April 30, 2008
The Ultra Megasite   

Once a community convinces a manufacturer to locate a large plant within its boundaries, the news breaks quickly, as well it should. But the news... More>>

Article | February 29, 2008
Third Annual CiCi Awards 2008: Community Impact Top 15   

The Community Impact portion of the 2008 CiCi awards highlights projects that have profound implications for local communities. In many cases, award... More>>