Development News | December 2, 2016
OK: Xcaliber Completes Major Mfg & Warehouse Space Expansion    

Manufacturer of 4th-tier tobacco products' 50,000 sq-ft addition brings the total site size to approximately 125,000 sq ft. More>>

Article | July 28, 2016
Oklahoma: The State of Success   

Site selectors, it's s time to catch up with Oklahoma: it's in the midst of an intense economic transformation in a plethora of industry sectors. More>>

Agency | July 22, 2016
Oklahoma Department of Commerce   


Development News | May 2, 2016
OK: Commercial Metals Company Breaks Ground on 300-New-Job New Micro Mill   

Micro mill in Durant area to use a continuous-continuous mfg process that melts, casts & rolls steel from a single uninterrupted strand. More>>

Development News | December 22, 2015
OK: Bachoco Invests $11M for U.S. Fully Cooked Facility   

Mexico's leading producer & processor of poultry, other food products to acquire American Foods Group's Fully Cooked Oklahoma City facility . More>>

Development News | July 31, 2015
OK: Boeing Breaks Ground on Oklahoma City Facility to House 800 Employees   

Boeing, one of the world's largest defense, space & security businesses, broke ground on a new 290,000 sq-ft facility, its third on its campus. More>>

Development News | July 28, 2015
OK: Commercial Metals Co. Selects Durant for New Micro Mill   

Addition of a 2nd micro mill to CMC's portfolio of steel production facilities to enhance its position as a leading supplier of long products in US. More>>

Article | May 15, 2015
America’s Top Sites for Business Prosperity and an Enjoyable Life   

Take a peek at some of the top locations for businesses to consider locating to pursue their goals of success and leadership. More>>

Article | May 11, 2015
The Sooner State - Version 2.0   

Time to tune in: Oklahoma is now a hub of innovation and tremendous business potential and one of the fastest-growing economies in the USA. More>>

Agency | March 30, 2015
Blackwell Industrial Authority   




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