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Andrew Shapiro

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Andrew Shapiro

Andrew Shapiro is a managing director with Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company (BLS & Co.), a leading location economics consulting firm offering a unique mix of core skills to help companies make location decisions. Andy Shapiro heads the firm's location advisory practice, helping clients translate their business objectives and strategic vision into rational, balanced location decisions.

Article | March 22, 2019
Mining Talent in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing   

By: Andrew Shapiro,Michelle Comerford

Cell and gene therapies are a booming subsector of the biological drug industry and hold the promise of restoring patient functions lost to...more >>

Article | December 18, 2017
Managing the Corporate Real Estate Portfolio: Ignore Incentives at Your Own Peril   

By: Andrew Shapiro

Don't miss the terrific opportunity and benefits of public sector incentives to add value to your real estate portfolio and location decision.

Article | January 8, 2016
How the Bio-Pharma Industry Chooses the Best U.S. Locations   

By: Andrew Shapiro

Site selectors and economic developmic developers take note: you'll do well to heed these critical success factors for locating life science...more >>

Article | January 9, 2012
Bio Science Site Selection Strategies   

By: Andrew Shapiro

Facility investment in the life sciences sector is one of the most sought after “prizes” in the business location arena. This headline could have...more >>

Article | July 22, 2011
Selecting the Best Site for Your Next Data Center   

By: Andrew Shapiro

The last decade has witnessed the growth and evolution of large data centers and server farms. Most site selectors and economic developers will know...more >>

Article | January 13, 2011
Location Strategies in the Life Sciences Industries: Trends, Factors and Process   

By: Andrew Shapiro,Lawrence Moretti

Geography may not seem to be an obvious element in the success of a bio-science enterprise. Yet consider all of the cities, regions, states and...more >>