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Michelle Comerford

Michelle Comerford is the industrial and supply chain practice leader of Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company (BLS & Co.) mcomerford@BLSstrategies.com. Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company, LLC is a leading location economics consulting firm offering a unique mix of core skills to help companies make location decisions. www.blsstrategies.com.

Article | March 22, 2019
Mining Talent in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing   

By: Andrew Shapiro,Michelle Comerford

Cell and gene therapies are a booming subsector of the biological drug industry and hold the promise of restoring patient functions lost to...more >>

Article | February 26, 2018
How Continuous Processing is Impacting U.S. Drug Manufacturing Facilities   

By: Michelle Comerford

Learn why a new system, continuous procressing, increases safety & efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing & its impact on U.S. facilities.

Article | June 28, 2017
Trump Impacts the Attractiveness of United States Manufacturing Sites   

By: Harry Moser,Michelle Comerford

The Reshoring Initiative and BLS & Co. have witnessed acceleration in reshoring. Get the inside scoop on what they think is the magnet.

Article | September 26, 2016
What Advanced Manufacturers Need to Thrive in the U.S.   

By: Kyle Syers,Michelle Comerford

Check out how technology has changed how things are made, leading to a new name for the manufacturing industry: advanced manufacturing.

Article | May 24, 2016
So You Think You Want to Reshore …. But Aren’t Sure Where to Start?   

By: Michelle Comerford

Lots of food for thought here, like how will changes impact import/export duties? Skills availabily? And much more.

Article | May 14, 2015
Is 2015 the Tipping Point for Reshoring?   

By: Michelle Comerford

What's the rationale for reshoring? An industry leader shares insight and facts on the topic.




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