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Governor John R. Kasich

Governor John R. Kasich

John R. Kasich was sworn in as Ohio’s 69th governor on January 10, 2011. In his inaugural address he called on Ohioans to come together to make the Buckeye State stronger and more prosperous for all. As Governor, John Kasich’s top priority is to create a jobs-friendly climate so Ohioans can get back to work.  By closing an $8 billion budget shortfall without a tax increase, reducing taxes by more than $3 billion, cutting wasteful spending and eliminating red tape, Ohio is getting back on track.  Unemployment is down, more Ohioans are finding work and all three credit rating agencies now give Ohio a “stable” credit outlook.

Contact: www.jobs-ohio.com

Article | November 27, 2018
Ohio is Fostering a Modern Manufacturing Industry   

By: Governor John R. Kasich

For 150 years, Ohio has been a model for fostering manufacturing pride. Ohio seizes the jobs and opportunities of the 21st Century.

Article | October 30, 2017
Ohio: A History of Invention, A Proud Legacy of Innovation   

By: Governor John R. Kasich

Over the last 200 years, Ohio has been home to life-changing pioneers and technology. Learn about a state on the fast track to major growth.

Article | December 29, 2015
Ohio: A Transformed Business Climate with Sustainable New Jobs   

By: Governor John R. Kasich

Learn what has happened over the past five years in Ohio that has transformed its business climate, helping many businesses succeed there.

Article | January 12, 2015
Ohio’s Unique Development Model is Working, Attracting Jobs and Investment   

By: Governor John R. Kasich

See why the Buckeye State is back on track - hint - abundant natural resources, educated workforce, world-class medical facilities, R&D & more.

Article | November 12, 2013
Ohio: Pioneering a New Economic Development Model for Business Growth   

By: Governor John R. Kasich

Ohio is at the heart of a regional renaissance where work ethic, common sense and a commitment to excellence are spurring economic growth.




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