March/April 2017 | Trade and Industry Development

March/April 2017


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March/April 2017

You’ve been waiting an entire year for it, and here it is: The 12th Annual Corporate Investment and Community Impact (CiCi) Awards issue. There are no other similar awards in the site selection and economic development space that demonstrate and celebrate the site location choices of actual companies of all stripes nationwide, and the jobs and investments they promised in 2016 to bring to communities in which they chose to locate. At the same time, the CiCi Awards highlight the economic development agencies that helped to attract the investments and jobs to their districts. These agencies along with the corporations receiving the Awards deserve sincere kudos.

One of the major goals of the CiCi Awards is to provide site decision-makers with fact-based, unbiased knowledge of the types of businesses announcing large investments and projects that will have great impact on the areas they chose for locations. The idea is to help site location professionals to see where communities are thriving as a result of the Award recipients’ actions, thus giving them more insight into locations they might otherwise not  have available to them and, therefore, may not have considered in their site decision-making.

There’s even more in this edition of TID. Be sure to read the three Special Report columns as they impart valuable knowledge for anyone contemplating headquarters relocation, mulling over the value of incentives  as part of their  financial strategy for a new or expanded location, and a thorough examination of ‘adaptive reuse’ of facilities for  corporate real estate needs.  

Two prominent associations also bring you up to date on important topics: Facility management plus how to navigate the site selection process in today’s volatile environment.