May/June 2017 | Trade and Industry Development

May/June 2017


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May/June 2017

Move over baseball. You may be losing your place as America’s favorite pastime.  What? Just take a look at the fact-filled Feature in this issue from the Reshoring Initiative. Saying welcome home to American business that was once-offshored is now giving baseball a run for its money.

So where is all this reshored business going to call home base in the U.S.? There are plenty of great options. In fact, this issue provides the lowdown on a host of locations that offer a plethora of benefits to businesses of all stripes and they welcome the opportunity to invite them in. Some of these locations are showcased in the Sites & Programs column that focuses on areas conducive to light manufacturing businesses. There are more winning choices to learn about in the Short List column’s America’s Top Sites article.

It doesn’t stop there. Four Spotlight column articles give in-depth stats on the states of Iowa, Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi and the incentives and business climates they boast for site selectors to consider when making final decisions.

Leaders in two of America’s strongest industries today — the automotive industry and the aerospace & aviation industry — will find special sections devoted to locations that have proven to serve as great spots for companies with these specific industry needs. What’s better than that? There might be one thing. That would be soaking up all the insight, research and experience shared in the Feature articles that solely concentrate on the automotive industry and the aerospace & aviation industry. Plus, two of the industry associations that serve these industries share the insight they gain from their vantage points in their Outlook columns.