Trade & Industry Development Magazine

July/August 2006

According to AEA’s recent Cyberstates report, the high tech industry in the U.S. grew by 61,000 jobs in 2005. While this growth is positive, the number falls short of the national average of employment. Within this report and our feature article focusing on the technology industry, several factors contribute to these numbers, including the continuing trend of both outsourcing and offshoring.
Within the logistics community, similar trends are occurring. The global impact on transportation, from fuel prices to demands for goods has increased the need for technology enhancements. No longer are site selection decisions made solely in the board room. More and more frequently logistics plays a vital role in the decision making. In our feature on logistics, you’ll read how “world-class distributors lead, not manage, their location selection projects.”
For even more information, don’t miss the area “Spotlights” (Maryland, Florida, California and North Carolina) showcasing initiatives designed to entice your next site location decision.

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