Q2 2005 | Trade and Industry Development

Q2 2005


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The past 10 years have seen the advent of what may have been called the technology revolution. The growing discoveries using “new” sciences such as nano- and bio- technology prove that we are only at the beginning of a technological shift. It has become apparent that the lines among the technology, bioscience and healthcare industries are becoming less and less distinct. Be sure to read our article covering the emerging integration of these markets and their similar site selection needs.
As always, we have also looked to the leading industry associations to give us a clear picture of what lays ahead. Thebio-industry “Outlook” showcases the latest state-by-state study of bioscience initiatives, while the technology industry “Outlook” focuses on the leading “Cyber-States” for technology. These, combined with our unique dedicated columns (“Case Study,” “Profile” and “Impact”) provide ample evidence of successful research and development regions.
For even more information, look to the area “Spotlights” (California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Canada), showcasing additional initiatives designed to “strengthen companies performing cutting-edge technology.”