Article | June 30, 2007
Site Selection and the IT Industry   

The information technology sector is back. Having experienced severe declines in the wake of the dotcom collapse, employment in software development,... More>>

Article | April 30, 2007
Chance Favors the Prepared Mega Site   

There is a familiar saying: Chance favors the prepared mind. The same could be said of mega sites. A mega site, most simply, is an industrial site... More>>

Article | April 30, 2007
Ohio's Manufacturing Heritage   

Ohio’s new Governor Ted Strickland is building on the state’s manufacturing heritage to retain and recruit the industries of the future –... More>>

Article | April 30, 2007
The Dynamic U.S. Automotive Supplier Sector   

The opening decade of the automotive industry’s second century is evaporating any notion that the sector is a mature, smokestack industry. ... More>>

Article | February 28, 2007
2007 CiCi Awards - Corporate Investment Top 15   

Ford Motor Company — Southeastern Michigan. Facing intense global competition, decreased market share, rising operating costs, and excess U.S.... More>>

Article | December 31, 2006
Empires of the Mind - Part 2: Site Selection & Emerging Agricultural Biotechnology Regions   

Despite the overwhelming concentration of the pharmaceutical and research-based biotechnology industry, many American cities remain committed to... More>>

Article | October 31, 2006
Joining a Polymer Cluster   

To date there is no such thing as SimCluster. If there were, it would work much like SimCity, the popular software game. SimCity lets you play urban... More>>

Article | August 31, 2006
Manufacturing Industries on the Move (Again!)   

Manufacturing is a power economic force in the United States and one of the key drivers of the American standard of living.  The industry accounts... More>>

Article | April 30, 2006
Ohio: At the Forefront of Innovation and Collaboration   

This spirit of innovation, coupled with a diverse mix of business and industry, strong infrastructure, a highly skilled and enterprising workforce, a... More>>

Article | February 28, 2006
Community Impact - 2006 CiCi Awards   

Rounding out coverage of our first-annual Capital Investment & Community Impact (CiCi) Awards 2006, Trade & Industry Development proudly presents the... More>>