Development News | June 21, 2016
AZ: Dexcom to Expand to Greater Phoenix, Create 500 Jobs   

Leader in continuous glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes to construct a 180,00 sq-ft state-of-the-art mfg facility in Greater Phoenix. More>>

Development News | June 21, 2016
CA: Kite Pharma Opens State-of-the-Art T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility   

The 43,500 sq-ft plant next to Los Angeles International Airport to support production of engineered CAR & TCR cancer immunotherapies. More>>

Development News | June 8, 2016
AZ: Kudelski Group to Create Second HQ in Phoenix, Hire 250-300   

Provider of digital content distribution and security and access control security solutions to open U.S. HQ and retain its HQ in Switzerland. More>>

Development News | May 12, 2016
AZ: Caterpillar to Invest in Surface Mining Division, Hire 600    

Manufacturer of construction & mining equipment chose Tucson for surface mining & technology offices with $600M expected economic impact. More>>

Development News | May 4, 2016
AZ: Caterpillar to Locate Division in Tucson, Hire 600    

Manufacturer of construction and mining equipment has selected Tucson as the new location for its surface mining and technology offices. More>>

Development News | March 7, 2016
AZ: Fry's Food Stores to Invest $260M in Tucson, Hire 2,000+ at 7 Stores    

Grocer plans to hire more than 2,000 to fill positions in seven new stores opening in 2016. More>>

Development News | February 25, 2016
AZ: Intoxalock Opens New Contact Center, Adding Bilingual Reps, Options    

Intoxalock, provider of ignition interlock devices, increases staffing to serve customers through various channels. More>>

Development News | February 4, 2016
AZ: Farmers Insurance® to Expand to Phoenix, Hire more than 1,000   

One of the largest multiline insurer groups in the country to build a new office in north Phoenix to house a total of 1,500 employees. More>>

Development News | February 1, 2016
AZ: World View to Launch Spaceflights from Southern AZ, Hire 400   

Commercial balloon spaceflight co. to significantly expand with the world's first purpose-built stratospheric ballooning facility and Spaceport... More>>

Development News | January 21, 2016
AZ: World View to Invest $43+M, Expand, Launch Spaceflights, Hire 400   

Commercial balloon spaceflight co.'s new campus to include mfg facility & spacecraft bay and will serve as the site of Spaceport Tucson. More>>



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