Development News | August 20, 2015
CO: Air Products Holds Grand Opening at its Doe Canyon Helium Plant   

Facility is the world's first to produce helium from carbon dioxide stream. More>>

Development News | August 7, 2015
CO: Cargill Completes $10M Seed Innovation Center in Ft. Collins   

R&D Center to be the hub of Cargill canola seed and oil development. More>>

Development News | July 29, 2015
CO: ZenPayroll Opens New Denver Office; Plans to Create 1,000+ Jobs   

Co.'s 2nd Denver site to be main hub for customer service teams for 3-yr.-old, 3rd party co. that processes billions of dollars in annual payroll. More>>

Development News | July 15, 2015
CO: Surna, Inc. Announces Significant Facility Expansion   

Technology co. that engineers state-of-the art equipment for controlled environment agriculture ("CEA") to expand into a second, facility. More>>

Development News | April 28, 2015
CO: FiveStars Opens New Denver Office, Hiring 100, Doubling Headcount    

Growing co. in customer loyalty & marketing automation for small and medium businesses secured 10,000 sq ft of office space in Denver. More>>

Industry News | March 26, 2015
Competition for New Textiles-Focused Mfg Innovation Institute   

The President launched the 9th mfg hub competition & measures to strengthen the small manufacturers that power America’s supply chains. More>>

Development News | March 19, 2015
FL, TX: Intertek Expands Building Products Capabilities and Capacity in U.S.   

Provider of quality and safety services also added four new regional offices in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver and Los Angeles. More>>

Development News | February 17, 2015
CO: Sierra Completions to Invest $88M, Hire 2,100 at Colorado Springs Airport   

A subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation stands one step closer in its plans to build its proposed high-end aircraft completions complex. More>>

Development News | December 11, 2014
CO: WorldRemit to Open North American HQ in Denver for 218 Jobs    

Backed by a $40M investment, the co. leased 11,126 sq ft of office space in Denver, which competed with several other cities for the new HQ. More>>

Development News | October 30, 2014
CO: Lockheed Martin Opens Commercial Space HQ   

The event also signifies the official transition of the Lockheed Martin facility in Newtown, Pennsylvania to Denver. More>>