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David Hickey

David Hickey, senior director of Hickey & Associates (H&A), is a proven expert in global location selection strategies. With a dynamic, international background in the industry, Hickey supports clients with location strategies and incentive capture in markets around the world. David is currently based in New York City, and previously led the firm’s European operations in London. With the firm's expansion in Europe, David also worked closely with clients to identify and analyze foreign direct investment opportunities.​


Article | June 14, 2019
Base of Operations: Finding the Best Location for a Corporate HQ   

By: David Hickey

Location decisions require a strategic approach with attention placed on key factors specific to the project’s requirements. The decision should...more >>

Article | January 31, 2019
Site Selection for the Vital Plastics Industry   

By: David Hickey

When it comes to plastics, a lot of public attention tends to focus on single-use products, such as grocery bags and drinking straws, and the often...more >>

Article | April 30, 2018
Finding a New Home: Locating a Corporate Headquarters   

By: David Hickey

Siting a corp. HQ is a unique site selection project. Before testing the waters, read on to become an expert on key dynamics to HQ success.

Article | December 18, 2017
Site Selection for the Dynamic Plastics Industry   

By: David Hickey

Every business has a stake in the plastics industry: it plays a pivotal role in the American economy. There's a lot to learn here.

Article | September 5, 2017
United States of Renewables: Energy Revolution Continues Despite Hurdles   

By: David Hickey

Get in the know right here: renewable energy is playing a major role for electricity generation and consumption in every corner of the globe.

Article | December 6, 2016
Strategies for Today’s U.S. Plastics Industry Site Selection   

By: David Hickey

Location strategy is critical in the plastics industry as the industry experiences changing trends. Here's what you need to know to thrive.




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