January/February 2008 | Trade and Industry Development

January/February 2008


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Alternative Fuels and Bioconvergence…Hot Topics 

We are extremely excited about adding Alternative Fuels to the list of topics we cover.  Not a day goes by that we don’t hear something on the subject…and for good reason.  With the price of gas on the rise, anyone driving a car can understand why the BioFuels industry is among the hottest industries in the U.S.  BioFuels development is popular nationwide, therefore industry executives should think strategically about expansions.  In our Feature article on Alternative Fuels, Justin Sabrsula not only covers important site selection factors, but also the origins of the biofuels industry and trends that are shaping the industry.

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Case Study - Baton Rouge

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“Quality in, quality out” – that is a fitting motto for any region that hopes to create a leading biotech sector. Ultimately, the quality of a region’s biotech sector will depend on the quality of four essential building blocks: 1. Academics 2. Accommodations 3. Allotments 4. Aspirants   These building blocks – the “big four” – all promote the transition from academic research to market-oriented application. If a region lacks any of these attributes, it will struggle to gaina foothold in biotech. As it happens, in the Baton Rouge area, all the attributes are in place. And each attribute – each of the “A’s” – reflects the careful planning and sustained commitment of state and local development authorities. As a consequence, the Baton Rouge area is well positioned to be a player in biotech.   Academics more....