January/February 2016 | Trade and Industry Development

January/February 2016


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

January/February 2016

Ring in the New Year with a hearty helping of great information in this January-February 2016 issue of Trade & Industry Development. It caters to the industries that make and keep us healthy. We have a bounty of articles focused on the food and ag industry. Help yourself to the Feature article titled, “Maximizing the Shelf Life of Your Next Food Plant.”  For your next course, turn to the Outlook column contributed by The Food Institute. Next on the menu, feast your eyes on the Short List column titled, “Locations Ripe for Food and Ag Production Centers.” And to top it off, there are two articles offering sage advice for all concerned with the food industry. One is the Outlook column titled, “Agriculture and Food Processing: An Engineer’s Perspective” and the other is the Insights column, “Bringing Diverse Voices to Your Table.”

Closely related is the exclusive Sites & Programs article, “Maximizing Natural Resources Boosts Regions' Economies,” that will introduce you to locations that industries find beneficial for tapping into the resources of the land to profitably do business.

Staying healthy is a common New Year’s resolution and two industries – medical technology and bio-pharma — do just that. We have a cover story on the bio-pharma industry, “How the Bio-Pharma Industry Chooses the Best U.S. Locations.” The other is a Feature article called, “Medical Device Manufacturing Responds to Needs & Trends,’ that explores the revolutionary happenings in this dynamic industry that is contributed by an industry leader who also gives great advice for locating medical device industry businesses.

And to put the icing on the cake, four Spotlight articles in this issue will enlighten you on some terrific areas for your business location.