July/August 2010 | Trade and Industry Development

July/August 2010


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July/August 2010

So much has been written about alternative energy and the "green economy" that it becomes easy to get lost in a sea of information under clouds of catchphrases. It's equally easy to get carried away by possibilities and grand visions of the future (especially if one was raised on silicon wafers). But our mission at Trade & Industry Development is not simply to cheer on these growing industries, nor to rehash what is already well-known. Our focus remains on how these things impact industry from an expansion and site location point of view, and how decisions in this arena can help companies maximize profit and minimize risk going forward.

In this issue, Dennis Donovan provides a wealth of insight into what considerations need to be examined in siting Alternative Energy manufacturing facilities. Sam Patrick enlightens us upon the factors involved in choosing the best locations for Data and Call Centers. And Chet Chaffee provides a unique perspective on how to locate facilities with an eye towards sustainability and cost savings. Also, the American Wind Energy Association provides a richly-informed snapshot of where the industry is and where it's heading, and Fuel Cells 2000 offers an illuminating tour of the fuel cell industry. Jennifer Alten examines the growth of the green technology in communities across the country, and don't miss the excellent Insights piece from John Sisson!