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July/August 2016
July/August 2016

This information-packed issue of TID covers multiple facets of the clean industry and clean energy industries.  From its Feature story that serves as a site selector’s guide to green energy to its Sites & Programs exclusive article to the Industry Outlook articles, which are contributed by the most respected associations in their fields of concentration — American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) — readers will gain up-to-the-minute information on the state of the industry along with tips for taking all of the clean energy initiatives and manufacturing options into consideration when choosing a site for their next business location, whether it’s a new establishment or an expansion.

In correlation with that, the issue features two industries that can be classified as clean industry — the retail industry from both the bricks and mortar side which is one of the Feature articles as well as the ecommerce side, which is found in the Insights column, as well as the technology industry. There is plenty of new information in these articles you don’t want to miss.

Also not to be missed is the Short List article that brings you a glimpse into some of  the locations in the United States that offer a truly nice quality of living, which makes  them desirable places to locate a business.  The issue also features four state Spotlight articles that will provide all site selectors with more in-depth information on areas of the country they would be wise to investigate further for their new or expansion needs. 

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What is driving retail site selection? Hardware, software & demographics. Learn how it affects different generations for location success. more...




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