November/December 2016 | Trade and Industry Development

November/December 2016


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

November/December 2016

Open this issue and you’ll be opening the door to the latest thinking on logistics from unique perspectives. Turn directly to this issue’s Sites & Programs column to see what other businesses have found in the port locations they have chosen, should a port site be an imperative to move commodities and products to and from your business. Then, seize this opportunity to learn how specific ports in the U.S. are reacting to current world issues by reading American Association of Port Authorities’ “Using Economic Data and Trends to Predict Trade Swings” plus the Short List article “Move It On Out: Locations Highlight their Logistics Options.”

Looking for a perspective on logistics beyond ports? Zero in on the feature article “Exploring the Important Secondary North American Distribution Markets.”  If you know anything about golf, you’ll appreciate the article’s analogy of golf’s “back nine” to the world of logistics.

Still, no coverage of logistics would be complete without a discussion on fulfillment and warehousing. This issue does not disappoint. See what the experts have to say on these subjects in the articles “Aligning Warehouse Performance to Company Strategy” and “Five Ways eCommerce Has Changed Facility Planning.”

Of course, concerns about having access to market would be moot if it were not for the manufacture of commodities and products. You’ll find terrific coverage in this issue on the manufacture of products involving metals and plastics in the features titled “Strategies for Today's U.S. Plastics Industry Site Selection” and “Metalworking:  Machinery and Equipment Location Trends.”

What could make it even better? Each and every article in the issue has been written with you, as a site selector, in mind.