September/October 2014 | Trade and Industry Development

September/October 2014


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

September/October 2014

We got the message loud and clear. The September-October 2014 issue of Trade & Industry Development sheds light on the main concern its staff has heard from manufacturers in almost every community: there is a shortage of skilled employees available to take advantage of workforce opportunities in the manufacturing sector. The issue provides an abundance of editorial that offers great solutions, information on state-sponsored workforce development programs and exclusive interviews with companies that are successfully addressing the problem with the help of those programs. In addition, there is a terrific discussion on advanced manufacturing and what that term really means. In its entirety, this issue is a fantastic resource to kick-start progress toward a stronger manufacturing resurgence in the U.S. and helps bring understanding to the realities of modern manufacturing.        

You can find these knowledge-building articles in our Sites & Programs, Outlook AME, Outlook AMT and Insights columns, as well as our comprehensive Feature article, titled “Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Strategies.” It is also interesting to note the From the Web page; it highlights our poll that unequivocally shows readers see the workforce shortage as the most dominant problem impeding manufacturing resurgence.

To round it all out, the issue’s two additional Features “Energy Utilities Challenged by a Changing Climate” and “U.S-based Businesses Benefit from Continued Growth of Foreign-Trade Zones,” both of which are lifeblood topics for all manufacturers and every other business entity, provide vital facts everyone will want to learn.