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September/October 2018
September/October 2018

This issue takes us through the last of the fall. Don’t miss our special features, all of which contain great information that can help you create long-term strategy, and all of which were contributed by a variety of skilled industry thought leaders.

The article on factors for site selection consideration is a must-read. And when was the last time you thought about utilities in the context of siting for your manufacturing facility? They’re absolutely critical – yet they might not be top-of-mind for many people. Don’t miss the insights on Foreign-Trade Zones either – this information has never been more relevant. Of course, there is plenty of other excellent content. Workforce development, for example, is covered with case studies using real-life examples to show how corporations are ushering in the next generation.

Throughout this issue, you will see the fine hand of our managing editor, Linda Dobel – who passed away suddenly as we were going to press. We will miss her guidance and her expertise, as well as her passion for this magazine, and we know you will as well.

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In this issue...

If you were to describe “manufacturing utopia” — the production state that the industry would deem as perfect — what do you think that is? more...

Trends Impacting Manufacturing Site Selection Strategy
U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones: A Tool for Addressing Global Economy Challenges
Evaluation of a Community’s Utility Infrastructure to Satisfy Your Company’s Expansion Plans
Foreign Direct Investment: Is the Glass Half-Empty or Half Full?
Implementing Smart Manufacturing Technology for Innovation and Growth
Lot Size 1
Short List
Ready to Roll: Designated and Certified Sites Get Businesses in Motion Fast
Sites & Programs
Workforce Development Programs Connect the Dots Between Companies and Employees
Florida Utilities Actively Involved in Recruiting and Retaining Businesses
North Carolina: A National Leader in Attracting Business and People
Kentucky Working with Companies, Local Colleges to Boost Skilled Workforce
Ohio is Fostering a Modern Manufacturing Industry