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May/June 2008

Site Location – Small or Large
Summer is just around the corner – this is usually a peak season for selling/buying a home. Think back to when you bought your last home. What was the first thing you did? Did you make a “must have” list? You know, that list of those things your new home “must have” – four bedrooms, two-car garage, large yard, in good school district, etc. The list may have been long, but chances are, at the top were size, location and amenities.
Site selection when buying a home is a very similar process to that of locating (or relocating) a business or industry – small or large. Whether that business is in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, or the fuel cell industry, there are definite site selection parameters to be considered.
Read this issue to get important information concerning site selection for these industries, as well as learning what the USFCC, SAE and AIA are doing to help promote these industries. Also read what Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Ohio are doing to influence your next site location decision.

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Your company, Automotive Widgets USA, just won a big contract for a series of new automobiles that will be produced at a brand new automotive assembly plant that is being built in the Southeastern United States. Your boss has just asked you to evaluate whether or not your company should build a new facility to meet the demands of that contract. This assignment has led you to think about how your customer ended up in their new location and whether or not you should follow in their footsteps. What does an Automotive Assembly OEM look for in a new location?   more...