September/October 2006 | Trade and Industry Development

September/October 2006


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

According to NAM, U.S. manufacturing accounts for nearly two-thirds of industrial research and development, three-fourths of U.S. exports, and supports more that 20 million high paying jobs. Yet with all this success, distinct challenges face manufacturers in the U.S, including rising production costs and foreign competition. In this issue we explore the intricate balance of growth, site selection and expansion for North American manufacturers, and the resources and options available.
The “Feature” articles provide an excellent overview of the what, where and how with regard to site selection, as well as strategies necessary for a successful site location.
Included in this issue is a report on Foreign-Trade Zones, and the benefits available for manufacturers operating in FTZs. Accompanying this article is an insert detailing the location of the functioning FTZs in the U.S.
For even more information, look to the area“Spotlights” (Tennessee, New Mexico, Arkansas and Kansas) showcasing additional initiatives designed to strengthen your business.

In this issue

All You've Heard About New Mexico is True

BY: Rick Homans

New Mexico is rapidly becoming one of the hottest places to relocate a business. The New Mexico Partnership is committed to partnering with you to ensure your success. We provide all the necessary information and assistance for you to make an informed site location decision -- and succeed into the future.This is a land proud of its heritage, proud of its history and lifestyle. It is a place of stunning beauty, contrasting landscapes and complementary cultures. Its hardworking, educated people are committed to the State’s success. And the State is committed to the success of its citizens. more....