November/December 2007 | Trade and Industry Development

November/December 2007


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Both plastics and metals have become a part of our everyday lives. With these industries growing, relocations and expansions are inevitable. Read our articles, “Plastics – from Bags to Medical Devices to Rockets” and “New Technology and Specialized Products Keep Metal Fabrication Companies on the Economic Development Radar Screen,” to gather some insight into making the best location decisions.
“Setting Your Sights on Shovel-Ready Sites” will offer some insight into why these are so important in selecting a new location. And “The Plastic Fork in the Road” explains how polymer clusters are formed and the advantages they provide.
You’ll also find articles from SPI and AMT. SPI recently launched an innovative program that uses the next generation of search technology to connect plastics industry buyers and sellers. AMT has begun to develop MTConnect – a communication protocol that helps machines, controls and sensors from different suppliers to communicate with each other.
Our Area Spotlights include Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. Be sure to read these articles – these states have a lot to offer and may be the best location for your new project.

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The Plastic Fork in the Road

BY: Kevin M. Mayer

When devising plans to attract the polymer industry, economic development officials should welcome words of wisdom, even if the wisdom is accidental. Such words are available from Yogi Berra, who once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Absurd? Yes. But the statement also jolts the mind and encourages fresh thinking.   more....