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Article | August 31, 2006
All You've Heard About New Mexico is True   

New Mexico is rapidly becoming one of the hottest places to relocate a business. The New Mexico Partnership is committed to partnering with you to... More>>

Article | June 30, 2006
Site Selection for the Technology Industry   

The technology industry is experiencing renewed growth, and the outlook for many new and emerging industries is now brighter than ever.  Spending on... More>>

Article | February 28, 2006
Commercial Real Estate   

The growing influence of community leaders, government organizations, citizen action groups, environmental activists, and smart growth movements can... More>>

Article | February 28, 2006
Corporate Real Estate   

What will the corporate real estate industry look like in 2010? How will the future workplace landscape shape up and what does the workplace hold for... More>>

Article | February 28, 2006
Community Impact - 2006 CiCi Awards   

Rounding out coverage of our first-annual Capital Investment & Community Impact (CiCi) Awards 2006, Trade & Industry Development proudly presents the... More>>

Article | December 31, 2004
Getting the Best of the Aerospace Industry Site Selection Process   

The site selection process for aerospace companies can prove to be a great challenge or offer great benefits, depending on how well prepared a... More>>

Article | September 30, 2004
A Technology Company's Call Center Search   

The primary goal of this particular economic development effort was to secure the successful recruitment of Dell Computer Corporation’s first... More>>

Article | September 30, 2004
Corporate Headquarters Site Selection   

When choosing a location for a corporate headquarters, it is not as much a real estate question as it is a business question. A company’s corporate... More>>

Article | September 30, 2004
Canada: Where Does Canada Fit into Your Contact Center Strategy?   

Many American companies, under pressure to reduce costs and gain access to fresh labor pools, are interested in an offshore location for their call... More>>

Article | September 30, 2004
Tennessee: Technology & Call Centers 2004   

Tennessee has an attractive business climate and commitment to supporting industry growth and expansion. In addition Tennessee has continued to show... More>>