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Linda Dobel

Linda Dobel

Linda Dobel is managing editor of Trade & Industry Development magazine, published by Due North Media.  She has served in an editorial capacity for all of Due North Media trade magazines over the course of six years, including Sports Destination Management and Contact Professional magazine. Previously, she was executive editorial director and vice president for a publishing firm in the contact center industry for more than two decades and has authored many trade-related articles for print and web.

Article | November 27, 2018
Ready to Roll: Designated and Certified Sites Get Businesses in Motion Fast   

By: Linda Dobel

As the old saying goes, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. In other words, getting things going quickly is the best way to go. That’s...more >>

Article | September 17, 2018
Hotspots and their Cool Business Attractions   

By: Linda Dobel

It's important to examine what areas consider to be their most delightful qualities for livability to businesses and staffs. Its all here.

Article | July 8, 2018
Prime Places for Business Prosperity   

By: Linda Dobel

Every business aspires to find the best location for its prosperity. An exclusive glimpse into American sites that may be the perfect fit.

Article | July 2, 2018
Get to Know Leading Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Associations   

By: Linda Dobel

Businesses and individuals can benfit from industry trade-related association involvement. Here's a look at some in the aerospace industry.

Article | February 26, 2018
“Grade A” Workforce Training Resources   

By: Linda Dobel

U.S. businesses know there's a drought in skilled labor. The good news is great community training resources exist. Here are several examples.

Article | December 18, 2017
Industry Leadership   

By: Linda Dobel

Want to feel like an elite insider in the economic development world? Here’s an exclusive invitation. This is a virtual Who's Who.

Article | October 30, 2017
Designated Sites Save Site Selectors Time and Money   

By: Linda Dobel

Designated industrial sites are coveted by many site selectors for all the amenities and conveniences they provide. Here are some top choices.

Article | September 5, 2017
Finding the Most Desirable Spots for Your Business and Lifestyle   

By: Linda Dobel

Choosing a business location involves so many variables it can be easy to overlook a very important factor: don't overlook quality of life.

Article | June 28, 2017
The Quest for the Prime Location: It just got easier   

By: Linda Dobel

Search no further for top-drawer locations to include on your short list of sites for your new site location project, there are great ones here.

Article | December 6, 2016
Move It On Out: Locations Highlight their Logistics Options   

By: Linda Dobel

An exclusive look at select U.S. locations to consider if getting your commodities and products smoothly to market is a top priority.




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