Agency | March 15, 2012
Midwest Partnership Economic Development   


Agency | March 7, 2012
Calhoun County Economic Development Corporation   


Article | March 1, 2012
2012 Corporate Investment Awards Top 15   

The Corporate Investment division of our 7th Annual CiCi Awards pays tribute to 15 elite U.S. corporations that, out of all the applicants for our... More>>

Development News | March 1, 2012
IA: The Andersons Enters into Purchase Agreement for Iowa Ethanol Plant   

The Andersons, Inc. announced today the signing of an agreement to acquire an ethanol production facility in Denison, Iowa from its owners, the... More>>

Development News | February 14, 2012
IA: Sabre to Build Major Facility in Sioux City   

Sabre Industries, Inc., one of the leading tower, pole and shelter manufacturers in the United States, will expand its Iowa operations to Sioux... More>>

Development News | October 24, 2011
IA: New Iowa Economic Development Authority Board Awards Incentives to Create up to 593 New Iowa Jobs   

At its first official board meeting, the new Iowa Economic Development Authority Board members approved awards today that will create up to 593 jobs... More>>

Development News | August 19, 2011
IA: Economic Development Board Approves Awards to Create up to 256 New Iowa Jobs   

The Iowa Economic Development Board approved awards recently that will create up to 256 jobs in Iowa. The board approved incentives for planned or... More>>

Development News | July 6, 2011
IA: Over $2.2 Million Approved to Advance Wind Turbine Technology   

The Iowa Power Fund Board approved an award of $2,292,167 to Clipper Windpower, Inc., for a project to construct and install a prototype wind turbine... More>>

Author | May 9, 2011
Governor Terry Branstad   

Governor Terry Branstad was elected to the Iowa House in 1972, ’74 and ’76, served as Iowa’s lieutenant governor in 1978 and governor from 1983... More>>

There is Simply No Place Like Iowa
Article | May 9, 2011
There is Simply No Place Like Iowa   

While Iowa produces a tenth of the U.S. food supply and is known for its agrarian heritage, the product of the state's manufacturing industry is more... More>>


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