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Chris Engle

Ernst & Young LLP


Chris Engle is Ernst & Young LLP’s Associate National Director of Economic Development Advisory Services. The practice provides industry-leading services to economic and workforce development organizations, chambers of commerce and governments, including strategic planning, competitive assessments, benchmarking, global market insights, workforce studies, organizational plans and funding solutions and custom-designed implementation support. In his more than 25 years in the field, Chris has served more than 100 local economic and workforce agencies.

Article | October 6, 2020
Site Selection for the Technology Sector in a COVID-19 Environment   

By: Carter Wood,Chris Engle

In this article, we will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has and will impact the location decisions of technology companies and their workforces,...more >>

Article | October 22, 2019
Site Selection Trends in Today's Technology Industry   

By: Chris Engle

Technology continues to be the driving force of the economy, as industries rush to reshape themselves in the face of well-funded, venture-backed...more >>

Article | September 17, 2018
Site Selection Trends in the Technology Industry   

By: Chris Engle

Urgency now exists for companies to identify the best technology workforce to ensure dominance in their field. Great ideas to help.

Article | July 14, 2015
Site Selection Trends in the Information Technology Industry   

By: Chris Engle,John Rees

Site selectors trying to keep pace with IT, one of the most dymanic sectors in the U.S. economy, can breathe easy with these great tips.

Article | July 16, 2014
Site Selection Trends in the Information Technology Industry   

By: Chris Engle,John Rees

Learn how IT is transforming expansion in U.S. regions by accelerating & causing realignment of corporate strategies & site selection decisions.

Article | July 21, 2013
The Information Technology Industry’s Definitive Guide to Site Selection   

By: Chris Engle,Tony DeLisi

The information technology industry is one of the economic development drivers of the economy. Here's specific info for site selectors.

Article | February 29, 2012
The Employment Situation is Worse Than You Think, But Improving (Finally)   

By: Chris Engle

One morning last December, we were greeted by some surprisingly positive news: the U.S. unemployment rate fell from 9.1 percent to 8.6 percent in...more >>

Article | June 30, 2006
Site Selection for the Technology Industry   

By: Chris Engle

The technology industry is experiencing renewed growth, and the outlook for many new and emerging industries is now brighter than ever.  Spending on...more >>

Article | March 31, 2005
Location Decisions of BioConvergence Industries   

By: Chris Engle

With so much activity surrounding biosciences, health care, and bio-related information technologies, how will private sector companies choose their...more >>

Article | March 31, 2005
The Convergence of Health Care, Biotech, and Technology - and the Location Decisions Behind Them   

By: Chris Engle

The continued integration of bio- and information-technologies into the health care industry will result in a significant shift in how new bio-based...more >>