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Frank Spano

Austin Consulting

Frank Spano

As managing director of Austin Consulting, Frank Spano develops and leads new strategies to increase The Austin Company’s leadership in aerospace, food and beverage and other manufacturing sectors. Frank also serves as a senior project manager, directs site location studies and conducts detailed field investigation analyses for clients. Frank’ areas of expertise include the aerospace and aviation, automotive, food and beverage, general manufacturing and consumer products sectors, in addition to pharmaceuticals, publishing and alternative energy.

Article | January 14, 2020
Identifying Utility Friendly Communities When an Expansion is on the Horizon   

By: Frank Spano,Kyle Johnson

For a standard industrial plant, it’s estimated that up to a third of the total annual operating costs are associated with utility usage. Given all...more >>

Article | November 27, 2018
Evaluation of a Community’s Utility Infrastructure to Satisfy Your Company’s Expansion Plans   

By: Frank Spano,Susan L. Riffle

As a company makes a commitment to expand its operations, they often overlook utilities as a significant search factor.

Article | October 30, 2017
Utility Costs: Considerations in the Site Selection Process   

By: Frank Spano,Susan L. Riffle

Don't wind up choosing a new site that lacks the appropriate utilities for your business's needs. Here's a tip-laden overview to save.

Article | March 1, 2017
When Offshore Food Manufacturers Come to the U.S.   

By: Frank Spano,Susan L. Riffle

Whether foreign or domestic, the expert tips here will greatly benefit food industry site selectors attracted to the sizable U.S. market.

Article | September 26, 2016
Gauging Key Utilities: A Guide for Manufacturing Site Selection   

By: Frank Spano,Susan L. Riffle

Do you know one of the critical, but sometimes overlooked, considerations when evaluating a site is utilities? Why water is key in that area.

Article | May 25, 2016
Location Incentives for Aerospace: New Ideas are Taking Off   

By: Frank Spano,Susan L. Riffle

Get in line: EDOs are very serious in their efforts to attract aerospace manufacturers and top-tier suppliers. Learn why and what's offered.

Article | November 12, 2015
Three Key Supply Chain Trends for Manufacturers   

By: Frank Spano,Peter Waldinger,Susan L. Riffle

Here's your chance to get in the groove and see why the third-party logistics industry is a $700 billion industry worldwide.

Article | May 15, 2015
Supplying the Aerospace Industry…Supply Chain and Location Considerations   

By: Frank Spano,Peter Waldinger

Aerospace industry suppliers will want to see how to optimize their location selection to support their customers more efficiently.

Article | November 5, 2014
Checklist for EDOs to Secure Greater Site Inventory   

By: Frank Spano

Take this opportunity to understand what EDOs should consider before securing their next-gen industrial/business park.

Article | November 13, 2013
Plastics: Emerging Economies Signal Opportunity for Growth and Exportation   

By: Frank Spano,Susan L. Riffle

Find out what the emerging trends are in the plastics industry and take advantage of sage tips for plastics business site selection.