July/August 2017 | Trade and Industry Development

July/August 2017


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July/August 2017

Here’s an instant cure to the end of summer doldrums. The industry focuses in this issue are nothing short of high interest and ever changing, making them interesting challenges for corporate site selectors. We’re talking about the retail, alternative energy, technology and robotics industries.

The issue’s authors are sought-after gurus on their topics. For example, Fred D. Burkhardt, who’s entrenched in economic development, site selection and the retail industry , attended the ReCon conference and reports on his interactions with other industry experts and attendees. Your perspectives on the future of the retail industry may change after reading this article.

Likewise, highly regarded site selection consultants Angelos Angelou and William Mellor composed a comprehensive Feature article on site selection in the technology industry. Turns out, different locations around the country are hot spots for different types of technology. Speaking of different technology, it’s time to think about robotics in the workplace. The Insights column author, Randy Thompson, has been thinking about it and no one should miss learning what’s on his mind.

David Hickey, also well-known as an authority in the site selection consultancy world, provides a cutting-edge account of the state of the alternative energy and fuels industry across the country in his Feature article, “The United States of Renewables.”

Augmenting that insight, two renowned associations in the environmental field, AWEA and USGBC, share their knowledge from the frontlines in the Outlook columns.

The Sites & Programs column also talks clean energy, with exclusive interviews from locations and businesses that are embracing environmentally sound practices. And learn about Spotlight and Short List locations, too.