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May/June 2018
May/June 2018

Don’t settle for the back seat. This issue will bring you right to the forefront of the most timely and up to date information on the once-again roaring automotive industry, the high-flying aerospace industry and the welcome resurgence of reshoring of so many manufactured products back to the U.S.

Take a look at the Feature article from PwC. Find out what the U.S. aerospace and defense industry generated in exports in 2017. Hint—it’s in the billions.  But don’t put the brake on there. Another Feature article, which focuses on the automotive industry, wakes us up to the revolutionizing of an industry that needs to take bold and new ideas to succeed. And is offshore the answer to all the manufacturing growth here in the U.S.? Not so much anymore. See what the top reshoring initiative has to say about the latest industry decisions to move back home. The Insights column in this issue will fill you in on even more details.

Thinking about where you might want to locate your own business expansion? Latch your eyes on seven great segments of this issue: Sites & Programs brings you to very favorable areas of the U.S. for light manufacturing companies to locate, Short List introduces you to some of America’s top sites for business and the four Spotlight articles in the issue will acquaint you with Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi and Michigan. And there’s a bonus: a Case Study on Etowah County, Alabama, that privileges you to the inside details of the location for your site decision making. 

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In this issue...

The U.S. aerospace and defense industry generated $143 billion in exports in 2017. It is the nation’s top net exporter, with $86 billion of trade surplus, and the third-largest exporter overall. Boeing is not only the nation’s top exporter, but the world’s largest exporter. The top purchaser of U.S. aerospace exports is China, at $16.3 billion, all commercial aviation. more...



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