Q2 2020 | Trade and Industry Development

Q2 2020


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Logistics & Access to Market 2020

This issue features a number of important topics, including supply chain management & logistics, plastics and metalworking & fabricating. But there seems to be one theme that continues to find its way into virtually every area, and that has to do with workforce—development, training and availability. One of the biggest concerns and considerations that companies, executives and site selectors need to factor into any decision is how they can conduct their business with their current workforce, how to improve their talent and how to ensure they’ll have the qualified labor needed for the future.

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Logistics Developments Coming Your Way

BY: Michael Mikitka

It’s a new decade, and a fresh opportunity to look ahead at what’s to come in warehousing, distribution and transportation. What will be the top issues, priorities and challenges for distribution center leaders over the next year? Which areas of operational improvement will attract the most focus? Which technologies will have the biggest impact? more....