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Governor Nathan Deal

State of Georgia

Governor Nathan Deal

Under Governor Nathan Deal’s leadership, Georgia has risen to become the No. 1 place in the nation to do business, a goal achieved by creating the Competitiveness Initiative, reforming the state’s tax code, shaping its educational system to support its workforce needs and recruiting businesses to relocate to the state. Since January 2011, Governor Deal has cut state taxes, reduced the state government workforce, saved HOPE from bankruptcy, championed education innovations and implemented cost-saving reforms in Georgia’s criminal justice system.

Contact: http://gov.georgia.gov/

Article | December 18, 2017
Georgia’s Competitive Advantages Make it a Prime Location Choice   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

Logistics, global access, quality of life and a talented workforce are just a few of the competitive advantages Georgia offers.

Article | December 6, 2016
Georgia’s Pro-Business Environment Continues to Drive Economic Development   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

If you want to be in a location that's just recorded another exceptional year for trade & industry growth, it's time to learn about Georgia.

Article | November 10, 2015
Georgia’s Robust Business Climate Attracts Top Business Sectors   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

Want to locate in the center of the largest and fastest-growing region in the United States? That's a great reason to see what Gerogia has to offer.

Article | November 3, 2014
The State of Georgia: What Sets it Apart   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

See how a diverse workforce, solid logistics infrastructure and critical partnerships enable Georgia to lead the south in the global marketplace.

Article | November 12, 2013
Georgia’s Booming Cold Chain Sector: A Life Science Industry Hot Topic   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

Learn how Georgia stays ahead of the curve in meeting today’s supply chain demands, especially for cold chain storage.

Article | October 31, 2012
Georgia: Fueling Logistics Competitiveness   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

Learn how Georgia’s infrastructure assets and industry network provide companies a head start for keeping up with evolving supply chains.

Article | November 8, 2011
Georgia: A Thriving Supply Chain Hub   

By: Governor Nathan Deal

Georgia’s logistics and transportation network is one of its most formidable assets, supporting all industry in the state by enabling companies to...more >>




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