January/February 2015 | Trade and Industry Development

January/February 2015


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

January/February 2015

This inaugural issue of 2015 is brimming with a bounty of editorial coverage of good, new, life-renewing industries — food growing, manufacturing and processing; biotechnology; medical devices and research and development.

Each of these industries is a growth industry — both in the types and amounts of products they produce and in their need for physical expansion.

These insightful, well-researched articles will bring every reader up to date on the trends profoundly impacting these major industries, which will arguably have far-reaching economic impact, one of which is economic development.

To aid in guiding professional site selectors engaged in these industries, the editorial takes its focus to the next level and provides useable tips on how to take advantage of the knowledge of these trends when making the very long-term commitment to locating or expanding a business.

Take, for instance, the feature article, “Medical Device Manufacturing is Thriving with New Technologies.”  Just one of the many insights shared is the point that “the characteristics of an ideal location for medical device companies have changed.” To deal with that challenge, it imparts, “While several of the foundational site considerations such as market access and cost are still important, a strong innovation infrastructure and a deep talent pool are gaining significance.” There’s much more, so read on.

Dig into the other two feature articles, “Biotechnology Companies: Choosing a Site that’s Right for You” and “Food Processing and Manufacturing: Trends Dictate Location Choices,” and  you will be privy to learning about a wealth of additional trends influencing site selection in those industries, plus expert advice for how to make the most of the new realities.

And to bring it all together, the issue features exclusive interviews with companies engaged in R&D and their rationale behind why they chose their business locations.