January/February 2017 | Trade and Industry Development

January/February 2017


Trade & Industry Development Magazine


Want to unlock the mystery of life? While this issue won’t do that, it is the best go-to source to learn where the top U.S. life sciences clusters are located,  examine some positives of alternatively locating in submarkets, and see what businesses are doing to appeal to potential employees to help them flourish in these clusters and submarkets. Hint — they’re investing in the construction of onsite amenity centers for well-being and quality of life enhancements. In addition, there is some good news for securing venture capital funding for life sciences startups.

Delving deeper into the life sciences industry, this issue also homes in on the medical device manufacturing sector. Site selectors will be thrilled to find the specific states where medical manufacturing businesses are thriving and have the opportunity to take advantage of professional advice on the unique attributes a location for a medical device manufacturing business must offer to increase its potential for success.

The bounty of information packed into this issue doesn’t end there. The food and agriculture industry is ripe with growth and interesting new twists, which mean site selectors will want to avail themselves to the trio of articles here that provide the lowdown on what’s happening and what it means for location decisions.

Another major must read in this issue for location decision makers is the five Spotlight articles that highlight the attributes that Alabama, Arkansas, California, Idaho and Tennessee have to offer businesses that make those states their home.

Finally, for readers intrigued by incentives, this issue’s Insights article has a thing or two to say about getting “Carriered” away.  Check it out.